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take flight. serious wines made with whimsy

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This is for you, Birdie

Dream Bird wines are a tribute to my late younger sister, paying homage to her family nickname. Before she passed away she made me promise to live my best life, to remember her with a smile, and to always have fun.

Birdie WInes

The Dream Bird Range

The Dream Bird range celebrates a selection of meticulously crafted wines from various vineyard locations, ensuring an offering of unique styles for every palate. Stay tuned as I always have new wines being bottled and released. Although I’m very serious about making good wine, these are all made for fun times with family and friends.

Birds Club

Spread your wine wings and join my super simple wine club. It’s only one shipment per year (November), free shipping and 20% off for Birds Club members year-round. On top of all this, you’ll be in the inner circle on events, pre-releases and promotions too!

There's a combination of art and science behind the scenes.

Winemaking is part creativity, part intuition and part chemisty; all of the components come together to make wines for people to enjoy.